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We offer a business opportunity for your store with a workable and reliable system for the creation of mobile device protection, designed to drive sales from the start.
With Haxly, you get the best payback period in the market, gaining access to a profitable and long-lasting business.

In Haxly we are always with you
More than a product, a proposal

Why is Haxly your best partner

Price freedom

Do you want a more competitive price and a higher margin? It’s your call!

The best payback period in the market

3-Month time frame for a return on investments.

Elegant plotters

Because our plotters are operated in the store, it works as a sales booster. Its stylish and minimalist design attracts customers to your store.

Factory special orders

If a customer orders a model that is not in the database, you just let us know and we’ll add it.

Front and back protection

It is thought for screens and device back sides. It offers an integral and personalised protection

Demand generation

Through marketing strategies intended to boost retail sales.

POP Material

Specially designed to attract customers to your store in environments with a high visual competence.

Digital marketing

We provide graphic promotional material so that you use it freely in your social networks.

Generation of visual content

Tutorials, informative and promotional videos; all at your disposal.

Customer service

We provide online customer service at all times, pre and post sales.

Better than other brands

Ready-to-use plotters, with integrated computer and highly intuitive software. You won’t need a phone or tablet to run it.

It doesn't require special films or QR codes. You just place the film, choose the model, and the plotter does the rest.

Each Hydrogel film has an alignment system that makes it extremely easy to install. Ingenious, simple and fast.

Haxly in numbers

More than



More than



1 meter


Of Sales

In less than


Cut and application

Per cut



Recovery in


Your investment

You can be the next one.

Join the great Haxly family and drive your store to the next level of profitability and screen protection.

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