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What is Haxly Smartfilm Wibo?

Wibo is a mobile device protection portable factory you can include in your store. It cuts Haxly SmartFilm protectors for smartphones, smartwatches and other devices.

What is Haxly SmartFilm?

Haxly SmartFilm, is hydrogel the new screen protection. It is flexible, super abrasion-resistant and it adapts to all types of screens. A groundbreaking alternative for tempered glass, both for the customer and your store.

protección de celular smartfilm

Meet our business proposal


Proven business model

_ _____
We have a broad experience in the area; we know what works.

Say bye bye to stock!

_ ____
Our system frees you from stock management complications. No more surpluses or shortages.
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Just one supplier

_ ____
Haxly SmartFilm works with all brands.

The best payback period in the market

_ _____
3-Month timeframe for a return on investments.

Cutting speed

_ _____
Each cut takes less than 30 seconds. Less operating time, more sales.

Easy use

_ ____
Anyone can operate our plotters.

Minimal space

_ ____
With Haxly you optimise space and ensure thousands of sales in just 1m2.

Don’t lose sales

_ ____
New devices, old ones, and those of little-known brands. We have an extensive database, constantly updated.
Take Haxly to your store.

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